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In 2013 I completed a set of red vestments for Saint Asaph Cathedral in North Wales, UK.  The set included a chasuble and two dalmatics, a miter and two preaching stoles.  When I researched the life of St. Asaph, an early Martyr of Wales, I came across a charming story from the life of another Welch martyr, St. Kentigern. Apparently St. Kentigern would frequently pray standing in an icy cold river. On one occasion, having suffered very severly from this hardship. St. Kentigern sent the boy, Asaph, who was then attending him, to bring a torch of blazing wood so he could warm himself.  Instead of bringing a torch, Asaph brought live hot coals in his apron.  When Kentigern noticed that the apron had not been harmed by the hot coals,he understood this to be a sign of the sanctity of his disciple.  I decided then to incorporate burning coals into the design of the vestments, symbolic of the burning zeal of the martyrs of North Wales.


I was invited to North Wales for the Mass of dedication and blessing of the vestments.  Here you will see pictures of the vestments and the Mass of Dedication.  (click on an image to enlarge it.)



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